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Occupational Health

Our staff is available 24/7 to assist you at one of our locations. Our clinics can provide a variety of health services to your team, and are large enough to accommodate companies of all sizes. We also have mobile capabilities to provide health services conveniently on your site. 

medical clearanceRespirator Medical Clearance

Ensure that your employees are qualified to wear a respirator by obtaining medical clearance through an online questionnaire. Each questionnaire is reviewed by an online PLHCP and provides same day approval/denial. 

Respirator Fit TestRespirator Fit-Testing (Qualitative and/or Quantitative)

Protect your workforce and meet compliance requirements with our Qualitiative and/or Quantitative Respirator Fit-Testing. Testing can be done quickly at our offices or conveniently on your job site. Results are given at the completion of the test and our online portal allows you to conveniently access your company's results. * We offer fit-testing for N-95 masks. 

Audiometry Testing & Vision Screeningear_listening1-01.png 

Avoid potential incidents by identifying any hearing or vision problems that your employees may have. Screenings can be conducted at our clinic or on your site. All screenings are reviewed by a physician to certify results. 

Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening

Reduce employee accidents and absenteeism while creating an efficient hiring process with our drug and alcohol testing. Avoid long lines at other clinics and stop by one of our two locations. Available at our Delaware and Illinois offices. If requested, we can also conduct on-site drug testing! 

 Lead and Benzene Blood Testing

If you believe that your employees have been exposed, act quickly to get blood testing done. Testing can be conducted at our clinic or directly on your site. All samples are sent to Quest Laboratory for verified testing. *Only provided out of our DE location. 


To inquire about our Occupational Health Services, please contact our Occ Health Technician, Stevi Baunchalk.

PHONE: 302-607-7405   |   EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.