Creating a Drug Free Workplace

Nationally, almost 9% of working adults have a substance use disorder. Substance use negatively affects the workforce through decreased productivity, workplace accidents and injuries, worker absenteeism, low morale and increased illness. According to the National Safety Council, the typical worker misses three work weeks, or 15 days, annually, for illness, injury or reasons other than vacation time. However, workers with substance use disorders miss an extra two weeks annually than their peers, averaging nearly five weeks a year. 

It is important to remember that employees who suffer from a substance use disorder not only put themselves in danger when on the job, but everyone around them as well. This is especially true for individuals in blue-collared jobs who often perform manual labor or operate heavy machinery.

One of the best ways to avoid the negative effects of substance use is to focus on prevention

How to Prevent Substance Use in the Workplace

Prevention can be achieved through developing and enforcing workplace drug and alcohol programs. These programs often include policies for pre-employment drug and alcohol tests as well as random testing. Implementing such policies and being open about them to both employees and candidates will further support a safe environment. It will also deter candidates who suffer from substance use from applying for open positions. 

Why Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Program?

  • To comply with laws and regulations
  • To qualify for insurance discounts or other incentives
  • To prevent problems associated with substance use (loss of productivity, accidents and injuries, absenteeism, low morale, increased illness)
  • To support your workforce and protect those who do not abuse substances
  • To invest in the health, safety and productivity of your employees

The Value of Drug Testing Programs

Drug and alcohol programs are a proven means to inhibit substance use from even entering the workplace. These policies help uphold a workplace that is drug-free, thus, reducing employee healthcare costs, improving productivity and performance, decreasing accidents and absenteeism and, most importantly, creating a safe environment for everyone. Employees can go to work each day, confident that everyone around them is unimpaired.

More information on Substance Use: Tools and Policies from the National Safety Council. 

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