Protecting Your Head

There are some practical reasons for wearing a hard hat. They help keep your head cooler in the summer; dry during rain; and helps to shield your ears from noise. However, the main and most obvious reason for wearing a hard hat is to protect your head. 

The Purpose of Hard Hats

Hard hats can protect your head in a few different ways. 

  • Protects you from falling objects
  • Helps protect your head in a fall
  • Keeps your head safe if you bump into machinery, ductwork and the like
  • Non-conductive hats protect you from electrical shocks and burns 

In addition to safety, hard hats are a fun place to put stickers and decals that showcase your skills and certifications. 

Proper Care

In order to get the best protection out of a hard hat, you must take care of it and pay attention to signs of wear or damage. Below are some best practices.

  • Always keep your hard hat properly adjusted.
  • Do not cut, bend or heat the hard hat.
  • Frequently inspect your hat for deep gouges or cracks in the shell. If you see signs of wear or the color of the hard hat turns dull, it’s time for a new one. 

Proper Wear

Having a hard hat will not protect you unless you wear it correctly. Follow the guidelines below.

  • Never wear your hat backwards.
  • Do not put anything inside your hard hat other than your head. It is not a storage bin.
  • Do not try to substitute it for a “bump cap”. The bump cap will not provide adequate protection from falling objects as it is not strong enough. 
  • It is not a stool or step; doing so weakens the shell of the hard hat. 


You can’t protect your head without the proper wear and care of a hard hat.