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June is National Safety Month. This month is dedicated to helping people discover how they can keep their environment, whether at work or at home, safe and free from danger. 

Safety is an integral part of our everyday lives. How can we stay safe at work? How can we make our vehicles or homes safer? By asking these questions, we open up the dialogue about how we better keep both our loved ones and ourselves safe. 

Staying Safe at Work

The National Safety Council has assigned each week in June with a different safety topic. Each topic touches on an area in the workplace where safety can be emphasized.     

NSM 2023

Staying Safe at Home

Install Life Saving Alarms

Eliminate and Be Aware of Trip Hazards

Educate Yourself on Cooking Safety

Create a Kid-Friendly Home

Ways to Participate in National Safety Month

Schedule Safety Talks » Use each week's safety topic to create a safety talk with your employees and start the conversation.

Have an Open Discussion » Meet with your employees individually and give them the opportunity to share if they feel safe at work oe if they have any suggestions.  

Review Your Company's Safety Manual » Look over your safety manual for any areas that may need updated. 

Plan Hands-On Activities » Create exercises for your employees to participate in that are related to important safety topics. 

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