OSHA Launches Webpage about Workplace Stress

OSHA recently published a new webpage about addressing workplace stress while accounting for mental health. The page is full of information and resources that are designed to help employers and workers manage stress and improve mental health and well-being. 



The World Health Organization found that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress and 54% of workers reported that work stress affects their home life. Stress negatively impacts lives, harming overall health and exacerbating mental health challenges. "While, there are many things in life that can induce stress, work can be one of those factors. However, workpalces can also be a key place for resources, solutions, and activities designed to improve our mental health and well-being", says OSHA.

The newly launched page features five sections of information and resources: 

  • Understanding the Problem
  • Guidance and Tips for Employers
  • Training Resources
  • Real-World Solutions
  • Outreach Materials

More than 85% of employees surveyed in 2021 by the American Psychological Association reported that actions from their employer would help their mental health. 

The time to start addressing workplace stress and mental health is now. Employers need to begin incorporating practices into their organizations that support their employees health and well-being. "Understanding that mental health is just as important to address as physical health is the first step that bosses need to take", says Mark Bailey, HR Specialist at Procter and Gamble, in a TED Talk. 


Check out the new webpage -> OSHA.gov/workplace-stress